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JAy-Z 4:44 tour 2017 | orlando, fl

Photo Cred: Lisa Bower (IG: @photosbylisaclaire)

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complexcon EXPO 2017 | long beach, ca

Photo Cred: Reginald Thermidor (IG: @yoglxtch) for
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COMPLEXCON music festival 2017 | Long beach, CA

Photo Cred: Reginald Thermidor (IG: @yoglxtch) for

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jazz in the gardens 2017 | miami gardens, fl

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Jazz in the Gardens 2015 | Miami gardens, fl

UR Experience Tour w/ Usher, August Alsina & DJ Cassidy | orlando, fl

R&B Love Fest 2014 | orlando, fl


Urban Music Fest | orlando, fl


NBA All Star Weekend Orlando 2012 | orlando, fl

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