Music Review: Solange 'A Seat At The Table'

Written by DJ Andre Mack on . Posted in Music Reviews

Y'all think Luke Cage on Netflix is "unapologetically black?" Check out Solange's new album ‘A Seat at The Table’.

I just listened to the entire album from start to finish...nice beats and flow, powerful lyrics, insightful self-awareness and entrepreneurial messages intertwined for the uninformed or those who may have forgotten. I hope her fans are actually listening. This young lady has a ton of soul and a cool respectable sense of being. I would certainly put this album on when I got home from work to recharge my batteries or play it in the office with some headphones. With Raphael Saadiq (Tony Toni Tone) behind the majority of the production, I knew this was going to be a very slick and easy on the ears project. I love it. You know an album is good when it starts over and you hardly notice.

As a deejay, I usually don't have time to check out a complete project from one specific artist as I am always looking for good ‘individual' songs to keep my people dancing. I have been negligent in my listening of entire albums over the last few years. But I know good music and substance and a good message when I hear it. Within the first 10-20 seconds of listening, it just feels good... her album didn't have to grow on me at all. I liked that!

What I won't do is compare it to her sister's project. They swim in 2 different lanes.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 Stars in today's R&B.

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