Review: Broccoli City Festival 2017

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Music has a healing power, it has the ability to take people out of themselves for a few hours, once said Elton John. And so, music did just that. Take thousands of music believers and others whom are newbies to the culture and place them on the pavilion grounds for healing at a festival that promotes health and sustainability in urban environments. With music as the lasso to corral the largest possible crowd for their credo, its called Broccoli City.

The fifth annual Broccoli City Festival, returned to Gateway D.C., an interim use state-of-the-art pavilion in the heart of St Elizabeth’s East on Saturday, May 6. Another sold out year for the creators bringing well-known national acts to feed the crowd. Five years ago, when the festival was started drew attention to Earth Day. Since its birth, the event has morphed into a social enterprise.

Back to the music. The word “dope” is what should be used to describe this “dope” event. The second stage, known as the “city stage” did more than simply catch the main attraction’s overflow. Chaz French and Lil Yachty performed their individual hits calling for the crowd to come closer.

Then, it was time! The locus for the day’s highlights moved to the main stage, known as “broccoli stage,” was getting warmed up as 21 Savage poured his energy into the audience, rain and all. One would think he was getting the crowd ready for the dynamic Solange, which he somewhat did, but she is just so talented and glowing that her voice and hit songs like “Cranes in the Sky” and “Don’t Touch My Hair,” sent the crowd in a sing-along competition. She was dope!

The final act, Rae Sremmurd. Those young dudes are living the life and the blended crowd sang every single lyric and moved side to side and the rapper-duo removed shirts and got the crowd jumping. They were the dopiest.

Historically, Broccoli City Festival is hit with a nasty weather forecast and it never fails that the rain just might bring out people on purpose.

Tiffany Young, a resident of Alexandria, VA, is a community relations director at a creative arts college and a lifetime volunteer.

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